NTS provides HIPAA compliant medical transcription solutions through an internet based platform. We provide professional results, fast turn around times, and reliable services all at very competitive prices. Our customized options include:

    Dictation Options
  1. Toll Free (800) Number Dictation can be submitted over the phone via a toll-free line that you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Digital Hand Held Recorders Dictation can be recorded on a digital handheld device that can be transmitted electronically to NTS.
  3. Interface with existing dictation system We can work with your current hardware already in place.
    Delivery Options
  1. Transcribe into EHR NTS can directly transcribe into virtually all EHRs.
  2. FTP Server Access Our HIPAA compliant ftp service allows us to send dictation electronically to you.
  3. Online Solutions - You can access our website using an assigned username and password. The transcribed files can be downloaded, reviewed or edited directly from our website. The files can be sorted using various parameters like Dictation Date, Dictator ID, Patient Number or Name, and Facility. The dictator can also provide an electronic signature after reviewing the report online.