In 1998, Nacogdoches Transcription Solutions started as a pilot project to see if small private practices in our local community could obtain professional transcription services at reasonable prices. Christina Reed, founder of NTS, soon learned that most transcription companies overlooked the smaller private practices due to high start up costs and little or no profit in return. Realizing that profit was not the only driving force behind starting this business, Mrs. Reed developed a sound business plan that used the concept of delayed gratification and placed customer satisfaction above quick profit returns. The needs of the customer became the goal of NTS.

Today, NTS is a leading provider of medical transcription solutions. Not only do we provide services to local private practices but also to clinics, surgery centers, and acute care hospitals nationwide. We offer the best transcription technology available in conjunction with state-of-the-art dictation equipment to give our clients an advantage in this competitive market. Our transcription process is custom tailored for each client with emphasis placed on quality service and timely turnaround no matter what size account in operation. Our motto has never changed, "Your Needs.....Our Goal".

Our Team

The most valuable asset of our NTS team is its core medical language specialists. Our continuing education program combined with the most recent medical transcription text books keep our core staff on the cutting edge of modern medical terminology. Our entire team's combined experience allows us to be confident that we can meet any medical transcription needs including radiology and pathology ranging from a one physician private practice to a 500+ acute care facility. All NTS employees reside in the United States.